Timberlux Child Safety

With every feature of a luxurious Timberlux venetian carefully considered, child safety is no exception.

Supplied as standard, in-line with legislation EN13120, all Timberlux blinds are fitted with a breakaway cord condenser. This device accumulates the two/three or four cords on the lift side (amount of cord dependent on the width of the blind), the cords are knotted within the condenser individually and one cord is fed through the bottom of the device which is used to operate the lift side. The elimination of multiple cords will ensure that entanglement of cords that may form a hazardous loop does not occur.

Also supplied is a two piece cleat which accumulates the excess cords. This cleat should be installed as close to the head-rail as possible and, in all cases, not less than 1.5m from the floor. The cord should also be wrapped around the two piece cleat in a figure of 8 motion.