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The Timberlux Collection is hand crafted in the UK to suit your individual requirements, ensuring that each beautiful blind perfectly suits your d├ęcor and way of life, without compromising on style or functionality.

Combined with a vast choice of accessory options, co-ordinate or contrast with an exciting range of tapes, tassels and valances to express your personality.

Understanding the value of having distinguished blinds in one's home and its effect on the way we feel remains undisputed.

Experience quality with
all your senses.



Careful consideration has been given to our natural environment, ensuring our blinds are in harmony with the outside world; Timberlux blinds are fashioned from carefully sourced Basswood, giving you peace of mind to fully appreciate our luxurious UK handcrafted collection. Our commitment and respect for the earth's natural resources enables us to produce beautiful and perfectly finished blinds through the use of sustainable raw materials; the quality and natural beauty of Timberlux skillfully reflects this promise.


Our Timberlux blinds are not only beautiful, but have excellent insulation properties. Wood is a natural insulator and can reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50%. Recent research from The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust claim wood blinds could be just as effective in conserving heat as double glazing and can have dramatic effects on the amount of heat being lost from your home.


At Timberlux, we are always willing to deal with any enquiries. Simply call us so that we can answer your query quickly and effectively.

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